Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Ten Books I Plan On Reading This Year

This is just a list more for myself. I always say I'm going to read a "classic" but then I end up purchasing a new novel and forgetting about that other book. Oh yeah, they're not in any particular order.

1) Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. Despite being a huge Palahniuk fan, I have yet to read his most well known work. I'm sure it's fantastic. Though, I don't think anything will top Rant, Diary, or Invisible Monsters. The man is brilliant. 

2) War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I feel as though I wouldn't be much of a writer if I didn't read this.

3)Animal Farm by George Orwell. Since reading 1984 for the first time last year (I know. I suck!), I can't stop thinking about it. So I definitely need to read more Orwell.

4) Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Want to see if the hype is true.

5)The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. Maybe it's my current obsession with Fringe, but I really want to read some more science fiction. So, why not start with Bradbury.

6) The Man in High Castle by Philip K. Dick. This obviously goes back to the whole Sci-fi thing. Also, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was the best book I've read in the last year!

7) Everyman by Philip Roth. I've read things about Mr. Roth's work and after reading the plot, this one seems interesting.

8) Any/All short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm not a big fan of the short story, but since I'm a huge Fitz fan, I'll definitely have to check them out.

9) For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. Though, I don't think I could love anything more than A Farewell to Arms, I'll still check this out.

10) Patrick Kenzie-Angela Gennaro Series by Dennis Lehane. Another author I recently discovered. I just finished A Drink before the War, the first book in the series. I plan to read each book in the series. It's brilliant, thrilling, and they're all set in Boston!

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