Thursday, February 17, 2011

Residual Effects

Hi there (whoever is reading this!)

For those unaware, I am currently working on my first novel. By working on, I mean it's already written so to say. But now I am just editing/rewriting/deleting it. I wrote it back in November for NaNoWriMo. And, I liked the story enough to get serious about it. So, I've been tweeking it majorly since late December.

So far, I believe I'm approximately through 20ish% of it. Most likely the final draft will be done sometime in June/July. Then I will pass it on to friends/people smarter to me to tweek it and edit it. Then hopefully I'll have it self-published by August-ish.

Until then...I think I'm going to try and do a blogpost after each editing session. Think it would be cool and also get this blog into full consistent swing! Woo!

Here goes #1:

Tonight after a tasty meal with my girlfriend, I sat down and edited the last ten or so pages for a good three hours. They needed major tweeking. I have to say each night I go to bed, I feel pretty confident about my writing. It's definitely improving. The novel itself is about a serial killer and currently I'm working on rewriting/editing the first murder scene. Little more difficult than I anticipated. Who knew you couldn't just say he strangled him, then he died. Ha! Anyhow, this was just a tiny tidbit! Look for a couple more this weekend! My prime for editing! Thanks again.

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