Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too Much News?

This is the first time in my life (all 22 years of it) that watching a news telecast becomes overwhelming. I know it's simple and general, but there is literally too much to handle.

Let's start with here on the homefront.

You can either choose to pay attention to:
-The Obama's administration poor handling of the Libya situation. Here comes the terrible comparison: it's like the Bush admins all over. Everyday there is a new member of the Obama admin coming out, holding a press conference trying to explain to us why we're taking action. However, not one person can clearly state what the fuck is going on. It's almost comical.
-Or, you can focus on believe it or not the 2012 presidential election. With the ignoramus Donald Trump releasing his birth certificate? What the fuck is that?
-Oh, back to the first point: We're arming these not-ready-for-primetime fighter, otherwise known as the rebels. If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. Back in the 80's, we armed the rebels in Saudi Arabia. Fast forward to that crisp September morning ten years ago.
-I guess I should be grateful that Sarah Palin and/or Glenn Beck haven't been in the news lately.

-Japan. Wow, what a disaster. You should donate. Anything would help.
-The Middle East. Forget Libya. You still have Syria who is on the verge of total chaos. Egypt which since it has faded out of the light still has its issues. Oh, yeah. We're still in Afghanistan, if anyone forgot.

The news I care about
-Barry Eisler and Amanda Hocking. Personally, I don't know them and haven't read them...yet. But they seem like they got a decent head on their shoulders and know what they're doing. If you're aren't aware, you should check out JA Konrath's Blog as well as Amanda Hocking's blog.
-What you need to know: Hocking, self-pubbing queen who made 1.5-2 million on ebooks is set to sign with traditional publisher.
-Eisler who has been pubbing with traditional publisher turned down $500k from St. Martin's Press (who Hocking signed with), to self-publish. Great stuff.

Personal News
-I am currently 75 % done editing/rewriting my novel. I'm very excited for the next couple of months.

So, the question is: can you handle all that news? I mean, christ, you feel for Japan for a couple a days then BREAKING NEWS: we're in yet another war that has nothing to do with the affairs of this country.

Education system in the shitter? Go fuck yourself! We need to spend millions on missiles and airstrikes!

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